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About Ralph

Ralph is your first point of contact with FLC.  He will explain how we work and how dealing directly with a barrister under Public Access with Litigation Authorisation can offer significant practical and cost benefits for you. He will not offer legal advice, but will discuss how Public Access operates in practice and any issues that concern you.  If your matter is suitable for Public Access and Family Law Chambers, he will arrange a call or meeting with Caroline. 

If Family Law Chambers handle your matter, Ralph will deal with all the administrative matters associated with your case, aiming to make everything as smooth and painless as possible for you.  If appropriate, he will guide you in undertaking any administrative tasks or preparation of files or documents.  Ralph will monitor the progress of your matter and keep you informed of relevant deadlines, court dates etc. 

Please feel free to contact Ralph with any questions  01491 875449 or email

Family Law Chambers, Moulsford  OX10 9JT

+44 (0)1491 875449