Family, Divorce and Matrimonial Lawyer

Legal Advice and Efficient, Practical Help in Resolving

Matrimonial and Family Issues


  • Advise on the law in conference or by telephone/Skype
  • Draft a range of agreements/contracts/compromises
  • Draft and/or Send letters on your behalf
  • Issue Proceedings on your behalf
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Handle the conduct of your Litigation
  • Support and Reassure you


The initial exploratory conversation with Caroline will be free of charge.  In this the ambit of FLC’s role and the charges therefor will be discussed.   If a client wishes to proceed, a client letter will be sent to the client for approval, which sets out these matters clearly.

FLC aims to provide competitive rates and work with the client to keep their legal costs to a minimum.  Fixed fees can be quoted, be based on an estimated hourly rate and dependent on the complexity of the matter.   Ongoing work and case management would be charged on an hourly basis with Clients being encouraged to perform such role as they are able, to minimise such charges.  Where FLC undertakes administrative tasks, these will be billed at a lesser rate than legal work.

FLC is willing to consider structuring payment to assist a client's cashflow and, in exceptional circumstances, acting pro bono.

Click here to read the Bar Standards Board Guidance for Lay Clients on the Public Access Scheme.

Please note that, as Caroline has Litigation authorisation, in addition to the roles authorised by Public Access, she IS entitled to

  • appear on the record for service of documents,
  • write letters on your behalf
  • compile witness statements
  • instruct experts

thus facilitating a very flexible working relationship.  The main distinction between FLC and a solicitor is the prohibition for barristers to hold client money on account.

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