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Caroline is a Public Access barrister with a Litigation Certificate. As such she is authorised not only to advise and draft documents on direct instructions from the lay client, but also to perform many of the administrative and procedural functions of litigation and prior to litigation, previously undertaken only by solicitors. This all round qualification allows your case to be managed throughout by someone who understands family litigation from both the advocate's and the solicitor's perspective, and so who can act promptly to do what is necessary in the particular circumstances.


Public Access qualification on its own allows barristers to advise and appear in court without being instructed by a solicitor; however, they cannot issue proceedings or write letters on your behalf. They may draft a letter to be sent by you. Many barristers do not have a Litigation Certificate as they do not wish to extend their practice to undertake the client care and the administrative role which has traditionally been the remit of solicitors.


Caroline believes that the Litigation Certificate makes her best placed to help anyone resolve Family problems in the most effective way possible. By analysing the facts and law at the outset, the proposals for resolution can be established immediately, and thereby animosity and unnecessary legal work can be minimised by taking a sensible position from the beginning. Further, such considered conduct can also help a party recover a contribution to their legal costs from the other party.


The Courts are putting huge emphasis on Alternative Dispute Resolution, whereby parties reach agreement without recourse to litigation. Caroline is ideally placed to investigate the best routes to achieve compromise, and a compromise that suits you.


Caroline wants to help you to reduce the stress and anguish caused by family issues. She will be on your side throughout!


She will also help you to keep her work, and thus costs, to a minimum. She will not write unnecessary letters or let matters drift.


As with other Public Access barristers, the client can undertake the conduct of the litigation, writing letters, issuing proceedings, preparing bundles, and thus avoid paying for such help. However, the Litigation Certificate enables Caroline to step in and help when called upon so to do. If matters become too complex for the client to handle, instead of referring the client to a solicitor, as required without a Litigation Certificate, Caroline can increase her role and take on many of the tasks a solicitor would be asked to perform.


Caroline is also willing to consider your financial position and work out the charging scheme that is most suitable.


Our Direct Public Access and Legal Services have the benefit of:

- Understanding and addressing the issue from the earliest stage

- Minimising legal costs, in avoiding the costs of solicitors and seeking efficient and practical solutions

- Allowing low charge out rates but NOT at the expense of expertise or work

- Allowing close control of legal costs and expenditure

- Giving a personalised, caring and committed legal advice and service

- Promoting prompt resolution of issues

- Encouraging a flexible approach to provide the client with the type of assistance best suited to their circumstances

- Providing a lawyer who understands all angles of the legal process

- Drafting and sending letters, pleadings and relevant legal documents

- Allows for the issue and conduct of proceedings as necessary to safeguard your interests

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Client Agreement Letter


We are required by the Bar Standards Board professional rules to ensure that any client agrees to and signs the terms of a Public Access Letter before we can offer advice or charge the client




  • Write Letters
  • Negotiate
  • Issue Proceedings
  • Instruct Experts
  • Manage any Litigation


Allowing the Client the flexibility to decide, as matters progress, how much of the work he or she wishes to perform