Client Agreement Letter


We are required by the Bar Standards professional rules to ensure that any client understanda and agrees to the terms of a Public Access Letter which will be signed before any Advice is offered or any fees incurred.


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  • Informed Overview
  • Quick Resolution
  • Reduced Costs
  • One Lawyer
  • Prompt Response
  • Flexibility
  • Minimum Formality



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Charging Structures for Work and Billing would be agreed before any advice is offered to a Client. Please feel free to call for an indication of charges and a free discussion as to whether and how we could help you.

Public Access


The Public Access scheme allowed, for the first time, lay clients to seek advice from barristers without going through a solicitor. The functions that barristers could perform were limited to those that they were already entitled to undertake, so any lay client would effectively have to play the role of the solicitor.


The Public Access authorisation allows barristers to advise the client, including drafting documents and letters on his behalf, and appear in court, without being instructed by a solicitor.


Caroline also has a Litigation Certificate, which enables her to perform tasks otherwise precluded from Public Access instructions, including

  • issuing proceedings and liaising with the Court,
  • writing letters on your behalf
  • instructing experts
  • overseeing the day to day care and conduct of your matter
  • liaising with the other party's solicitor and third parties


Many barristers do not have a Litigation Certificate as they work in a large set of chambers and it is impractical to extend their practice to undertake the client care and the administrative role which has traditionally been the remit of solicitors.


Caroline set up FLC in order to provide the skills and expertise of a barrister as a constant resource to a client. The combination of the dual certification truly allows the client to minimise costs by taking on what he can, and having help where necessary on a highly flexible basis.


Caroline has a Practice Manager who ensures that her diary has capacity for all her clients and where such capacity does not exist, FLC will not accept instructions and take on new clients.

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